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Rayca Reserve by Creative IP Farm

Premium Nama Chocolate (Classic 77%)

Premium Nama Chocolate (Classic 77%)

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Discover the signature creation that has quickly become a bestseller: Rayca Reserve Nama Chocolate. Our unique formula encompasses a quartet of cacao beans sourced from the finest origins - Venezuela, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, and Peru. Each region's distinct cacao profile weaves together into a luxurious tapestry of flavors.

Rayca Reserve Nama Chocolate is a masterful blend of select chocolate and fresh cream, skillfully crafted without liquor to appeal to all ages. The velvety texture melts in your mouth, unveiling a mild sweetness and a rich milk flavor that crescendos into a caramel-like finish. This is chocolate that delights the connoisseur's palate and is also perfectly suited for children to enjoy.

Product Details:

  • Storage Instructions: Store at 10°C or below
  • Shelf Life: Best enjoyed within 1 month
  • Net Weight: 125g
  • Quantity: 20 pieces per package
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