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Davis Chan


Mr. Chan is a dynamic entrepreneur with extensive experience in product distribution and brand marketing. He firmly believes in the power of creativity as a driving force for business success and the concept of shared value. As a visionary leader, he has steered his family business -  Yick Fung Hong Cosmetic & Detergent Co. Ltd towards greater diversification while fostering shared value within its business ecosystem.


Beyond his business endeavors, Mr. Chan is an active participant in community service and philanthropic work, with a particular focus on youth services, retail development, and local entrepreneurial development in Hong Kong. He has been appointed to serve on various government advisory and statutory bodies in Hong Kong and Mainland China, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to the betterment of society.


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  • Carmen Lam

    Seasoned Public Affairs and Communications Specialist
    • Co-founder and Managing Director of Creative IP Farm Foundation

    • Partner, Head of Corporate and Finance practice of L Concept Communications

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  • Katie Lam

    Seasoned Public Relations and Marketing Strategist
    • Co-founder and Executive Director of Creative IP Farm Foundation

    • General Manager at L Concept Communications

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  • Catherine Yeung

    Leading Specialist in FMCG Branding and Marketing Strategies
    • Co-founder and Executive Director of Creative IP Farm Foundation

    • Corporate & Brand Strategy, Product Development at Yick Fung Hong Cosmetic & Detergent Co., Ltd.

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  • Joanna Chan

    Expert IT Consultant for Public Sector: Proficient in Business and Systems Analysis

  • Ryan Tam

    Innovative Art Director and Graphic Designer: Visionary Design Entrepreneur