About us

Creative IP Farm Foundation is a distinguished non-profit organisation based in Hong Kong, established by a team of visionary entrepreneurs and prominent industry leaders with expertise in branding, marketing, product distribution, and PR and communications.

Anchored in the principles of shared value and collective impact, Creative IP Farm Foundation unites an exceptional community of like-minded professionals across diverse sectors, fostering a synergistic atmosphere through its unique collaborative approach. By establishing enduring alliances, facilitating collaboration opportunities, and actively enhancing interactions within the industry, the Foundation not only promotes the growth of the creative and cultural ecosystem, but also generates a synergistic effect that amplifies shared value creation for all stakeholders involved.

As a community, we take immense pride in our role as a catalyst for change and a pivotal player in shaping the future of Hong Kong's creative landscape. Together, we are dedicated to constructing a vibrant, sustainable, and collaborative ecosystem that empowers creative businesses and elevates Hong Kong as Asia's creative capital.

Driving Engagement and Creating Shared Value

For creators, the road to success relies on exploring markets, forming industry partnerships, and gaining cross-sector support. The Creative IP Farm Foundation is the perfect springboard, where creators can build support for budding projects by forming relationships with industry professionals and early supporters, who can in turn spread the word and help build momentum.

  • Business Community

    As a #driver and #promoter:         

    • Creating shared value is at the heart of IP Farm’s philosophy, and "creating sharedvalue" can also be a strategy in business operations. It is the practice of creating economic value that also creates value for society by addressingits needs and challenges
    • Business operations and marketing are inseparable from the creative industry,
  • Well-knowndesigners and IP artists

    As a #explorer, #mentor and #cultivator

    • IP Farm encourages the public to develop their creative careers.
    • By inviting well-knowndesigners and IP artists to act as cultivators, they are passing on the spiritof teaching a man to fish rather than giving him a fish. These experts willshare their successful experiences to inspire creative development betweengenerations
  • Well-establisheddesign businesses and local entrepreneurs

    As a #motivator and #leader

    • Nurturing creative ideas to build new ventures  is thefoundation for the development of the IP Farm.
    • As the springboard behind theoriginal brand, IP Farm invites well-established design companies and localentrepreneurs to participate in the incubation of creative businesses inspiredand navigated by their own entrepreneurial experience         
  • IP experts and manager

    As a #facilitator

    • The creative industry is knowledge-intensive, in which content creation is at the heart ofits competitiveness in realising economic benefits. IP Farm focuses on creative businesses and invites intellectual property experts to be our facilitators,providing intellectual property knowledge for creative talents, thus fosteringthe development of IP rights
  • Associations for creative industries     

    As an #Initiator, #organiser

    • IP Farm hopes that through cooperations and exchanges with relevant industry associations, a collective impact can be created that can spur the developmentof the creative industry. As a result, we invite industry associations toparticipate as supporting organisations. In this way, we will be able to createmeaningful synergies by connecting resources and providing more opportunitiesto creative talents who would like to jumpstart their creative careers.