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Rayca Reserve

Liquor Luxe: The 6-Piece Spirited Chocolate Set

Liquor Luxe: The 6-Piece Spirited Chocolate Set

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Delight in the sensory pleasure of a 6-piece chocolate ensemble, where each morsel perfectly blends velvety cocoa and real liquor. 

The 6-piece chocolate set includes three flavours:

  • Brandy: Handcrafted Brandy
  • Plum Wine: Japanese Plum Wine
  • Whiskey: Three varieties of barrel-aged whiskey

These chocolates stand out from the usual liquor-infused offerings, featuring a genuine burst of fine spirits that harmonize with the silky chocolate for an unmatched taste sensation.

  • Secret Technique: Our liquor chocolates are crafted with a unique method that encapsulates the essence of fine spirits.
  • Pure Heart: Unlike the common liqueur-filled chocolates, ours feature a solid core of pure alcohol, which bursts forth with the first bite.
  • Authentic Spirit: Each piece promises a genuine sip of top-shelf liquor, enveloped in premium chocolate.


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