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Rayca Reserve by Creative IP Farm

Artisanal Nama Chocolate - Limited Liquor Edition (Whisky/Brandy)

Artisanal Nama Chocolate - Limited Liquor Edition (Whisky/Brandy)

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Limited Liquor Edition: A Favorite at the Farm's Exclusive Events and Gatherings, Rayca Reserve Nama Chocolate

Indulge in the esteemed Rayca Reserve Nama Chocolate, Whisky and Brandy Edition, cherished for its exquisite blend of cacao sourced from Venezuela, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, and Peru. This Nama Chocolate enchants with an infusion of fine whisky and brandy, imparting a depth of flavor that captivates the adult palate.

Savor the smooth, luxurious melt and the symphony of smoky and warm notes that this sophisticated treat offers. It's an embodiment of indulgence, perfect for elevating any gathering to an occasion of pure gastronomic delight.

Product Details:

  • Storage Instructions: Store at 10°C or below
  • Shelf Life: Best enjoyed within 1 month
  • Net Weight: 125g
  • Quantity: 20 pieces per package
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